Friday, February 23, 2007

Visiting Houses

Today, went to several peoples houses with my cellgroup.
Was actually quite fun...

-Went to Sandra's house, where we ate cookies and played with her baby brother (her house has a CCTV...freaky huh?)

-Wen Jun's house, where we all talked, I saw a real cute hamster running on a wheel, also saw Wen Jun's countless medals for Bowling

-Judith's place, we ate lunch, met a girl I've seen before at a movie(Mary-Anne) , had to play the piano in front of the parents to get my angpau and beat 3 girls at Tekken!

-Andrea's (guy) house...watched a movie about 2 ninjas and ate some more

-At Caleb's, I ate this kind of milo-flavoured chocolate(loved it), Wen Jun forced me to teach her "From the Inside Out" on the piano. Also played GTA: San Andreas on Caleb's laptop

Update Year 2020

It's been a while since I updated my blog...hope I haven't lost my readers

-I didn't get a date for Valentine..
-asked 4 girls, all of which rejected
-got two cookies wrapped in scented cloth (from a Form 6 girl)

-Met my ex's new Form 4 boyfriend...who turned out to be a nice guy
-Pissed off my parents for countless reasons
-Participated in a chess tournament (2 points out of 5)
-Got a new monitor for my PC
-Going to die I haven't studied for my next exam
-Failed in the Audition for Backup singer at my church
-PS2 is spoiled

List of Songs I can play on the piano

Linkin Park - What I've Done
Avril Lavigne - When You're gone
Maroon 5 - Makes me wonder
Coldplay - Scientist
Coldplay - Trouble
Coldplay - Talk
Simple Plan - Untitled
Simple Plan - Welcome to my life
Five for Fighting - Superman
Planet Shakers - Unashamed
Planet Shakers - Pick It up
Planet Shakers - All Majesty
Hillsong United - From the inside out
Hillsong United - Came to my Rescue
Hinder - Lips of an Angel
Greenday - Boulavard of Broken Dreams
Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Theme
Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand
Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da Ne
Final Fantasy X-2 - Eternity
Final Fantasy X-2 - 1000 Words
Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved
Kingdom Hearts II - Hikari
Kingdom Hearts II - Roxas's Theme
Kingdom Hearts II - Khairi's Theme
Kingdom Hearts II - Another Side, Another Story
Trinity Blood - Broken Wings
Shakugan no Shana - Hishoku no Sora
YUI - Rolling Star
Backstreet Boys - Incomplete
Muse - Starlight
All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
All-American Rejects - Move along
Silent Hill 2(Craig Armstrong) - Laura's Theme
Silent Hill 2 - Promise(reprise)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californiacation
Good Charlotte - I just wanna live
UVERworld - D-TechnoLife

Friday, February 02, 2007

Undying Love

Valentine's Day is coming (on Febuary the 14th)
Can't hurt to prepare early...
So if I added you on Friendster and if you're a girl (obviously)
send me a VALENTINE TESTIMONIAL, Confess your undying love for me...I know you want to


Oh yeah...Candy, Flowers or Chocolate?

At last...some HAPPY news

Last week at Youth Fellowship, after praise & worship and Cell Group, my CG suprised me with a Birthday cake.

(Judith's Birthday is on the 5th of Febuary)

It was kinda least someone remembered
Thanks guys (esp. Andrea Choong)

Battle Of Troy

Last week, no less then 57 Trojan virusses attack my computer
I couln't go online for about 1-2 weeks
Needless to say...I'm rather pissed

I haven't updated my blog in dunno how long already
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