Tuesday, January 23, 2007


You gotta reformat your life,
but some stuff...
you just can't throw into the recycle bin

I know you people think I'm pathetic,
but WTF...
my life's screwed up already as it is

She claims that she's not angry and that She is completely over me,
but the way She says it, (over email...don't ask) sounds like She still hates my guts,
She does have a good reason though...just that it's really sad it had to come to this:

I think she blocked me on MSN too...

And life overall sucks...having trouble with homework and stuff, PS2 died, com kena 57 virusses and I spend every waking hour thinking about...Her

I think this is my first serious post in this blog,
Hope this doesn't become a habit or anything,
just have to say this


Monday, January 22, 2007

Prayer Request

Next Sunday,
I got an audition for back-up singers for my Church Worship Team.
One small problem...I CAN'T SING
So please pray I don't embarrass myself...not again!

That's all...just another information update


Friday, January 19, 2007

18 January...now do I look taller?

18 January, my birthday
Which makes me 14 years old.

A kinda boring day though, got loads of testimonials on Friendster and a lot of greetings at school but no cake, no party, no presents(unless you count a sweet and a piece of chocolate)

If you read one of my posts below...I'm already suffering from Mid-Life Crisis so being a year older is not a good thing.

Anyway what the heck, I'm older then most Form 2 boys at school :D

Verdict: Happy Birthday to me

Friday, January 12, 2007

Humiliation of the highest sense

Ah today (Friday 12 January)

I fell onstage trying to do a turning kick in front of 200 Form 1 kids.
It was a Taek Kwon Do Induction to persuade the Form 1 students to join the club, and they were calling for volounteers...

I didn't volounteer, I was more like...Forced. I volounteered for only the front kick and punch cause those are basic stuff...but a turning kick??? Being the klutz that I am with some serious lack of balance...you'll know-lah

Anyway, I took of my shoes, and forgot to take off my socks. Kicked as hard as I could, my leg went right through the newspaper, I did a 360 degree turn...and fell.

At least I fell with a bit of style...sort of

Of course, everybody laughed like crazy...especially Ahmad (Bastard) Faris
And I wasn't hurt, only my pride lasted permanent damage.

Verdict: I should have kept my big mouth shut

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blown into the next Century

( currently listening to some seriously heavy metal )

What a day at school!!!
Yes, school, cause I'm just a kid and can't do whatever I like on a Thursday afternoon,

Anyway...today, and old, blind, indian woman came to school selling chocolate (cheap chocolate wafers with zero taste) for the Blind Peoples Association in Brickfields.

Me and Noel Anthony Mano were called by the headmaster and we had to bring the woman to every class in Form 1 and Form 2 (19 classes in all) and since she's blind...we had to help her everywhere. She was latched on to my arm most of the time while I led her around the school.

While she got students to donate, I tried to get teachers to pitch in and help too. Puan Nor Aini donated RM10. Thank you Puan Nor Aini...though I sincerely hope you're not reading this.

Anyway, the St. Michael Form 1 boys were most generous, almost everyone donated generously. SMI ROCKS!!!!!!!

Almost no one touched the chocolate though, and that womens sense of hearing is...creepy
She can hear what Noel and I are whispering about over all the noise.

Long, long, long story cut short...
In the end, we had to find her a cab or a person willing to take her to the public bank.
A nice woman agreed to take her (I had to ask)

She wasn't too bad actually...apart from her forcing me to slam into spiked walls and rusted iron pillars.

After me and Noel sent her off, I was left with a rather satisfying feeling...something I've never felt before and would kill never to feel again.

There was also a Millitary Band induction for Form 1 students.
But that's another long, long, long story

Peace Out!!!!

Verdict: Weird ( Philemon objected about the last verdict...some crap about a copyright )

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mid-life Crisis...at age Fourteen (random madness)


I'm Form 2 this year,

Next year is PMR year!!!!!

Then Form 4 to rest,

Then SPM!!!!!


After that, I have to find a university,


Then...I have to WORK

And find a girlfriend

Get Married

Raise a family (1 son 1 daughter)

See my grand-children

And DIE (cremated please)



Verdict: I'm gonna die soon

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bite Me...better yet...Shoot Me

First(and second) Day of School

School's not too bad actually,
Prefect duty sucks though...total anarchy in the prefect ranks. Without an EXCO some of us don't even bother doing they're jobs anymore. And using the excuse 'Prefect Duty' this idiot skipped class the entire day...and was nowhere to be found when there was work to do. Like I said Total Anarchy. Not only do we not know what we're doing...several idiots give us orders pretending to know what they are doing when actually they don't. A classic example of the blind, deaf and retarded leading the blind.

Oh yeah
we got new class names (applies to Form 2 also)
1A1 is 1 Wisdom
1A2 is 1 Prudence
1A3 is 1 Patience
1A4 is ???
1A5 is ???
1A6 is ???
1A7 is ???
1A8 is ???
1A9 is 1 Courage
1A10 is 1 Compassion

I would ask a Form 1 Student "which class are you in?" and he would reply "Oh, I'm in 1 Honour" and I would go "Okaaay...so which class are you in???"

Even our Form 1 moderator Puan Lee cant remember their names and in what order they're supposed to be.

We prefects sure as hell cant remember either...

Putting that aside...my class teachers are ok, my friends haven't changed too much and I get to meet my old class mates from my Primary School

Verdict: I will survive
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