Friday, December 29, 2006


School is starting again, and I don't know whether to cheer or scream.

On one hand... school is fun, after all...I get to meet my School Mates and Bully all those new Form 1 students.

BUT!!! On the other means waking up early, homework, studies, TEACHERS WITH STICKS and the PAIN, the AGONY, and the sheer HORROR

Isolated from humanity for so long (apart from chatting online) it's gonna feel weird to actually say something to somebody. I should bring a laptop with me to school and message the guy sitting next to me instead of talking cause I'm so used to the freakin online world.


I'm so sleepy...I wake up at 10:00 in the morning dead tired. First thing I do is: turn on the computer, pour myself some Cornflakes and walk around half asleep until lunch.
After lunch...I either go back to sleep or watch a movie or play PS2 games until dinner.
After dinner...I watch the TV series on 8TV until I go to sleep.

The best parts of my entire holidays was the VBS where I helped out and the Youth Camp that rocked my world. Apart from that...NOTHING

Ah! Lunch time, the cycle continues...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MYF Youth Camp 2006

The fields
Dorm A
Basketball Court

This is the other side of the Youth Camp. The post directly below is only about the 'fun part' of the camp.

The camp was amazing, we went to Cheefoo centre ( or is it Chee Foo???) in Camerons. I have forgotton how bloody freezing it is in Camerons. Guys like Xian and Andrea can walk around in shorts. I on the other hand dress warmly in a T-Shirt + Sweater and Jeans.

The camp speaker was this comedy fat-man (no offence) named (or nicknamed) Uncle Steven.
Great guy, answered plenty of questions that I had about the existence of God and made plenty of jokes (some rather lame) . Also, he likes using the phrase "so far so good" having said it over 50 times more or less throughout the 4 sessions

On the second night, there was a 'rap competition' in the basketball court where 3 fellers stand in the middle of a crowd and make cracks about each other. It was quite sad actually cause no one there could make more than 2 sentences that rhymed.

Round 1
Darren Hew
Qi Vin

Round 2
Ian Teh
Ho Di-Yan
Jason Soon

Also on the second night, someone had a "spiritual encounter" at about 3:00 in the morning where he saw a white figure go past him and a dark figure standing at the doorway for around 20 minutes. Weird thing is: he shouted and no one else woke up. He even called them on the handphone and screamed(shouted?) and still everyone was fast asleep.
(I was in the other dorm so I dont know much about it)

Food was GREAT.
We had breakfast, lunch and dinner there not including supper. Hot Milo there is a life-saver cause its so freaking cold.

We also had outdoor games and we had to stand in the field while it was raining (it never stops raining there) and kena wet mud and water balloons. OMG! I wanted to murder the feller who made the games. But in the end I enjoyed myself, I think every one enjoyed themselves so what the heck?

Ah yes, Sharing Night on DAY 3 where people pour out their hearts, troubles and whatever God intends them to say to us and I was nearly in tears, which was the closest I've ever came to crying in years. The rest is Private & Confidential so I rather not put it in here.


Monday, December 25, 2006


In case anyone wants to know...I'm the idiot showing the peace sign on top

Yes! The Dorm Wars of CGMC's Youth Camp 2006
Supposed to be a tradition every year (this is only my second time)

The object of this 'game' is to capture members of the opposinng dorm and...well, look at the photo and you'll know what I mean...humiliate them, write on them, put jam & puding on them, shave their legs????

Let me start with...


Nothing happened on the first night cause everyone was too tired to do anything...
The war started when they captured Shaun and put toothpaste all over his head, in return, we caught Ian (Shaun's twin brother) and did errrr...did SOMETHING lah (can't remember)
Then Xian Chang went to the other dorm to mark attendence and make sure everyone is in their own dorms (cause he's the guy in charge) ...Xian got captured by them and they wrote...stuff on his body. He came back pissed & angry and removed his shirt to show us what they had written on his body. "This is war" said Xian

And the Dorm wars had begun

This was my first dorm war of any kind...but we had veterens like Xian, Andrea, Rong Tau and Shaun. The opposing dorm also had their veterens aka Qi Vin, Eugene, Ian and...Abel?

Wai Sam put a sign on his bed saying PEACE...he's a good guy, just not a fighter.

I couln't sleep...until like 3:00 (lights out at 12:00 sharp) and the night went past without incident

Victims: Xian, Shaun, Ian


For this post, I'll just stick with what happened during the dorm wars...loads of other interesting stuff happened during Youth camp but I'll write about it later

I was dead tired I went straight to sleep, I woke up at about 5:00 cause I heard someone shouting. I got up to see them stuffing pudding into Wai Sam's face. I shouted
Slowly...people started to wake up shouting HALLELUJAH, our code for attack.
Xian reacted first if I remember correctly, he charged at them and he, 1 guy, beat back 7 or 8 guys. Everyone was awake now. They came back several minutes later, and Xian (now armed with a tennis racquet) beat them back again. Several more times they came, and each time we beat them back. Then the final wave came, and this time, I went on the top bed nearest the door and waited. It was a free for all battle, with toothpaste, pudding and all kinds of crap as our weapons. Suddenly Kerry shouted "GET QI VIN" cause if we capture Qi Vin their leader, we can win the war. I jumped from the bed onto Qi Vin and grabbed him around the neck with strength I never knew I had, but Hugo freed him by smearing toothpaste on my face. Qi Vin tried to escape again but I grabbed his arm and finally grabbed his leg and refused to let go. The opposing dorm members ran and Kerry had captured Qi Vin.
While we were cleaning ourselves, Qi Vin pretended to have given up, he started talking to us and chatting, then whilst we were not looking, he escaped out the door into his own dorm.

Victims: Kenneth(twice), Darren, Rong Tau, Xian(again), Eugene, Kevin(legs shaved)
My version of the dorm wars is based on my own experience...if I made a mistake or something, feel free to correct meI promise to write about the other stuff that happened during camp...later
Now...I gotta go eat lunch

How could this happen to ME!!

I screwed up...big time,
and somehow managed to delete my previous blog.
I can't remember how, I can't remember why??

Okay's not the end of the world
My last blog was overly sentimental anyway...and my parents would crucify me if they found about half the stuff I put on my blog

So I'm starting new...therefore the name, REVOLUTION

( did anyone notice the quotes from untitled by Simple Plan? )
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