Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cultural revolution

From my personal(and rather limited) point of view...Friendster is dying a slow, agonizing death. Too many problems with the system, too little stuff to do...

I made a FACEBOOK account, which is like, so much more 'happening'

*Happening - a good descriptive word I picked up at Youth Camp many years ago. Refers to a person, place or event that is considered popular by teenagers(No one cares what old people think)

Also see:

*Punked - another word I learned at Youth Camp to describe a situation in which you were totally fooled, cheated, played out, taken in, conned or suckered by a more intelligent person than yourself

"You got PUNKED!!!"

I probably most of that stuff up...I'm bored. So sue me.

Speaking of Youth Camp, I am guaranteed NOT going this December
(Woe is me)
Hope they have a splendid time...saw the promo video, looks awesome


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hito Tsuki Mushi

*Human punches insect

I just passed my aikido grading, promoting me to 5th Kyu
(On my way to ninja mastery)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return to the kingdom

Hello blog...long time no see.
Sorry I haven't been able to post on you for quite some time, cause I've been away in KL

Miss me?

*First sign of madness - talking to your blog*

Anyway, I went down for 2 chess tournaments(UIA and UITM), in which I only got an average score...and nearly lost my handphone in the process

-ate sushi and pizza for the first time in months

I would not be able to survive a single day as a vegetarian...thought you people might want to know

ANYWAY, I'll be going to KL again next month for the National Juniors and KL open

*boredom kills*

ALSO, got a 'date' this Thursday...maybe my life isn't a total waste after all.

Apart from that, my social life is still as dull as the Wall Street Journal(which is, contrary to popular belief...not that boring)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A shadow on glass

When does the school term end anyway?
I would at least like to know when my holidays officially begin

But that doesn't matter, cause I don't go to school anymore
I'm staying right here at home, playing chess, writing piano songs and messing around with my webcam(lol)

Been having weird dreams lately, which I do not care on elaborating on...

Anyhow, still haven't been to MYF in a long, long time...
I wonder how they're doing without me

Haven't been in the mood for SMSing either...maybe I'm clinically depressed
I should go out more often

Are you still there?
Wow! you must be really bored if you're still reading this

Your torment ends here

Friday, November 07, 2008

Daemon King

Just won the Michaelian Close chess tournament. Got 5/5 points

Apart from that, today was kinda boring(as usual)
It seems I've been banned from playing the school piano for some reason known only to God and MISS Corrine Mah

Spent the whole day talking. And talking. And talking.
My brain cells have been reduced by 20% since PMR(which is not a bad thing...since I hardly use them)

Also, looks like I won't be going for Youth until sometime next year(...)
Youth camp doesn't look like a possibilty for me either

I hate my life...long live me


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dream of red Emeralds

NEW FAVOURITE SONG: I kissed(a girl)by Katy Pery

which is strange, cause I usually dislike songs of this genre. Anyhow, she managed to look incredibly sexy in her video...even though I don't think she's particularly pretty

Does that make me shallow?



Besides that, I'll be going to Chess tournaments this whole month AND next month...which means NO Youth Fellowship, NO Youth Camp and NO going out for a movie with my favourite girl(you know who you are...lawl)


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Carnivale du Freake

Went to the Main Convent carnival today. It turned out to be some kind of a pesta pelancongan thingy which was kinda lame. Anyway, I arrived at midday and stayed on for the next 5 hours so I could see a friend's performance playing for SMC's TradiMode

Having said that, I must admit that it was kinda fun. I met alot of friends that I haven't seen in a while like Vilaiwan, Peiqi, Sue Jean, Paveena and Yen Fong. Most of my time there was spent with either Yen Fong or Jane and the Form 4 group. I even managed to get a free meal from the SMC Rangers(you girls rock)

Apart from that:

-Vilaiwan dared me to try the flying the end I didn't do it, because I found that being tied up and thrown out a window was disgraceful...NOT because I have a fear of heights

-I held a handful of worms for 10 seconds and got 3 sweets. Also, I adopted one of the worms(true story) but didn't manage to name it cause Yen Fong hates worms and Paveena was hungry(she had already eaten a worm before I got there) I disowned the worm and returned it to the stall

-I found out that Peiqi is actually really shy in real life...

-All my guy friends either went home or to Parade, leaving me alone with the girls, which could have been a good thing

-Thomas Liew can't beat me in arm wrestling(HAHAHA)...but I can't win either

-TradiMode seriously rocks! Loving their music. My friend did really well, even though she told me she was kinda(very?)nervous. Didn't get to talk to her very much though...

-New friends made: Eva, Tracy, Stephanie Wang, Vivian Cheah and a few others whose names I never got

-Finally, I got thrown out by the security guard cause I was sitting in her chair with my legs crossed(another true story). To avoid confrontation, I left and waited for my dad under the hot sun(I have a slight tan...bye bye emo vampire look)

It could have been worse
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