Monday, October 29, 2007

One day in Freedom

Our exams are finally over, so everything is kinda laid back. My results are like...errr, well, total shit actually so I ain't feeling the love today...

~Prefects Farewell party is coming up, as we have completed our services to the school for the 2006/07 period. I voted that the SMI prefects join up with the SMC prefects for the party. Guys and girls, blah, blah, blah...
I think their considering my proposal seriously(it was a good idea right?)

~Also Today, some Malay rugby player got tackled really hard in the school field. An Ambulance came, lots of teachers came, hell of a lot of students came and ect. I think he's in the hospital now, which one I don't know

Apart from that, it was a nice day

Thursday, October 25, 2007


*St. Michael's Institution, Form 2*

Today, our freedom is at hand. The enemy(which in this case are our end-of-year-exams), have been defeated. All over, celebrations and voices resound with the joys of victory. We have won, despite all odds against a formidable foe. Our preperations(studying) have not been in vain. The battlefield(which is the SMI school grounds) shall tommorow know the true meaning of being hit by a barrage of nuclear weapons(which consists of screaming teenagers).

It's time to tear our school down...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black Holes and Revelations

Runescape: A very boring game which I unfortunately am addicted to, as I burn away countless hours performing the most menial tasks like killing low-level monsters and going on quests that demand much time and effort but with (very) low returns, I have come to realize that I will never get those hours back again...

However, the game does have it's good sides
For example:

-Yesterday, I got my first 'cyber girlfriend', who's this 16 year old American chic from New York. As far as I can see...her avatar looks cute (don't ask)

-And for some strange reason, leveling up in this game provides a certain amount of satisfaction, which is a reminder of how my life is being flushed down the toilet in terms of social standing

-Then again...I could be doing much more boring things, like beating my high own score on Pinball (2,439,750) or playing solitare on the computer

-In retrospect, maybe this (amazingly) boring game isn't so bad after all. I count my blessings


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mostly Japanese Techno


If you look at the date of my previous post and the one before it, you'll see an 8 month difference between them

Did I really neglect this blog that much??
Anyway, I wanted to make a new blog but It'll take too much effort to get people to start reading it,

so I decided to take the old blog and transform it


Drawing circles in the air

So far, the holidays have been pretty uneventful. I've already taken 6 out of 15 papers of my End-of-year exams before the holidays started. Problem is, I have a suspicion that I didn't do too well in some of those papers.

So my holidays are spent studying in the mornings and sleeping in the afternoons. Stuff like Friendster and this Blog are usually conducted during the evenings before dinner.

Apart from that,
-My aunt came from KL with her demonic 4-year old kid
-I managed to make the girl of my dreams angry at me
-I've discovered that I have no skill in drawing anime
-I've started playing Runescape again
-and I have no social life apart from Youth Fellowship

Drawing circles in the air
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