Friday, July 31, 2009

The Reveal

This was an evangelistic event organized by SMC.

The musicians were great
Really like their choice of songs

On the other hand, the sound system wasn't so good.
The mics kept glitching and there was alot of feedback.

SoundTech Tip: This problem usually occurs when you point your mic at an amplifier causing an electrical disturbance known as feedback

But Theo was right when he said onstage that:
This event shouldn't be about the music and the singing, but about glorifying God

The speaker wasn't too bad actually.
He was funny, spontaneous and prepared his material well...but his speech lacked power and he failed to convince and capture his audience as much as he could have.
Alot of us at the back couldn't even hear him

Apart from that:
I managed to make some new friends.
Also met some old friends.
And I got a free T-shirt

Lol. I almost tackled two Indian girls trying to catch that shirt after the guy threw it off the stage.
How ungentlemanly of me. My deepest apologies to the two girls mentioned previously.

And Judith wore her school uniform (with pinafore). HAHAHAHAHAHA
She makes me laugh sometimes


Pseudo Democracy

-When you support the ISA and decide that you want the public to know that you do, you're known as a Peaceful Demonstration.

-When you DON'T support the ISA and you open your're called an Illegal Rally

-In America, if you don't voice your're not exercising your rights

-In Malaysia, if you even hint that something is wrong with the get arrested

-When you wear black anywhere else in the're a Goth

-When you wear black in get arrested

-If you decide to make your country's national anthem more relevent to today's should be given a medal

-But in get arrested

I love this country

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Attention to all 4th Formers of SMI:

If you have symptoms that include

-sore throat
-muscle aches
-conjunctivitis and/or
-breathing problems

please be aware that you are suffering from SUB (Stres Ujian Bulanan) and that this is a perfectly normal disease to be experiencing at this time

In such cases, preventive measures come in the form of studying and actually paying attention in class. If such measures were not taken in advance, SUB has proven fatal in many occasions.

Cheating is considered an experimental form of vaccination.
Should only be attempted by professionals

Good luck in your exams everyone.
I should be studying right now. Lol


Sunday, July 26, 2009


When I settled down with my family to watch Click on TV a couple of weeks back, I expected some slap-stick comedy film with an uninspired script.

After all, it was a film about a universal remote control that could control...the universe


What I got was something completely different.
The comedic value of this movie was way above expectation.

But towards the middle part, the message that this movie portrayed was both meaningful and very touching.
Almost cried towards the end.

Adam Sandler has been doing some good movies.
50 first dates was another decent movie.

Anyway, I won't spoil it for you by telling you what happened.
But I highly recommend this movie.

Just one more thing:



I really needed to say that. XD

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lets Run Like Hell

Exams are on Monday.
I've got another competition tomorrow.

and I'm not prepared for either of them

On a more positive note, I passed my aikido grading.
Received my new belt last Tuesday.

Also, I got the post of Vice President for my school's Chess Club.
Planning lots of events for the coming months.

I'm learning how to swear in Korean!!!
And in Japanese!!!

while failing miserably in my studies
(my priorities are all messed up) XD

Lets run like hell

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chaos Thursday

Happy Birthday to Chiang and Aaron Tan.
Class parties are always the best

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Baptism of Fire

I set a new personal achievement today:

Which I have never done before in my life
(Gawd. I hate myself)


Anyway, it happened just after one of my 'friends' said he would cut his balls off, if I made the shot. And I did. LAWL

But he challenged me to do it again, saying:

"If you can...I will definitely, 100%, cut my balls off...immediately"

And I also succeeded the second time.
I can't remember who was more surprised.
Me or him.

For those of you who don't know, I'm kinda (in)famous in my school for being one of the worst basketball players in my year.

Okay. So that was a LOL moment for me. In the end he didn't cut his balls off...probably because he didn't have any.


Anyway, we had a photo taking session for our Michaelian Christian Fellowship today.
About half the people there had never attended any of our functions, meetings or morning prayers before.
And another handful weren't even Christians...just random people skipping class.

So quite honestly...that photo session was one of our most successful evangelistic events ever.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Through Death

I've been working on my novel recently. This is all I could come up with so far.

The story features a newly-turned zombie as the 'protagonist' and his relationship with his girlfriend...who's also a zombie.

Take a look and let me know what you think

Through Death

Somewhere in that apartment, the phone rang.

A sharp incessant sound that assaulted my ears, bringing me to my senses, back into a world I was sure I had departed from just moments ago.

The first thing I noticed was blood and broken glass, followed by the realization that I was lying face-first on the marble floor with my arm twisted at an unnatural angle.

Apart from that, everything else was a dull. Clouded memories filled my consciousness with images and sounds that meant nothing to me, something like watching a badly directed movie in a cheap cinema.

All of a sudden, the ringing stopped. Silence filled the air, poisoning the atmosphere with an ominous gloom. Amidst the unexpected quiet, a single name flashed across my mind:

Where was she?

I tried to pull myself up into a sitting position, but joints were stiff and muscles uncooperative. My broken arm didn’t help matters either.

The complete absence of pain when there should have been plenty should have aroused my suspicions. But, in my frantic struggle to find Sarah, the thought escaped me.

The interior of the apartment was an unpleasant sight, decorated by blood and rust.
Slowly I crawled across the living room, attempting to call out to her...but every syllable died in my throat. I could not speak. Every sound produced was a guttural slur, punctuated by infrequent snarls.

In my frustration, I rose to my feet in a sudden desperate movement, feeling bones and sinew crunch together. Swaying slightly, I took my first step and discovered that I could walk.
Suddenly, I sensed a movement somewhere behind me. Was it Sarah?

I turned slowly and shuffled towards the direction of the master bedroom. My body refused to move any faster in its present condition. I approached the bedroom door, which was left slightly ajar. With the hand of my good arm, I pushed the door wide open.

The room was pitch black, the colour of crows and ashes. From within its confines I could hear someone whimpering. And slowly but surely, a figure reached out from the darkness to touch me lightly on the cheek.

Without a doubt, this was Sarah.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Report card day was today.
It wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be.
After all, I'm still alive...

But I was amazed at my class's intelligence network.
We all knew whose parents were here before they even reached the first floor.
Early warning system. LOL

Some students and myself were listening in on the conversations between our class teacher (Pn. Komathi) and the parents. So we started building a character profile and deciding on strategies on how to deal with her. Each student was required to give a brief report to us before leaving with his parents.

Teacher's comments to my parents (as I remember it):

"Your son is not serious in class"

"But he can get good grades if he wants to"

"He has the brains and the talent to do it, I'm sure he can do well if he wants"
(Okay. Getting better...)

But don't worry, he's better than alot of other students
(LMAO. Better and better...)

And I'm sure some students disturb him in class. Right or not?
(I said NO...not willing to betray my friends)

In the end, my parents were kinda pleased.

At least she didn't mention that I talk too much.
Every teacher has been saying that to my parents since kindergarten.
So my parents took it as a good sign.

But my dad wasn't too happy about my Add Maths results

Monday, July 06, 2009


I have to say, I'm very disappointed in my classmates...

This whole bloody mess started when I fell asleep during BM,
since the teacher was absent that day.

I was so damn tired that I slept through 2 periods...and didn't realize that the whole class had moved to the Physics lab, leaving me and Samuel Lopez(who was also sleeping) behind.

Nobody bothered to wake me up...

When Sam woke me up, it was actually already halfway through the period
(and our physics teacher is my school's (in)famous discipline master...Mr. Chong)

We actually grabbed our stuff and started jogging towards the physics lab when I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

So, I called all the school debaters from all over the school and got them to agree that we should hold an immediate practise session for our Law Olympiad on the 11th.

Being the lazy asses that we are...everyone readily agreed.
And we got 2 other discipline masters to sign our permission slip
(both are the teacher advisers for the Debate team)

Unfortunately, this strategy didn't account for Samuel, so I told him to go back to class and wait it out (SORRY SAM!!)

Mr. Chong caught me as I was leaving school.
I had the perfect alibi - which included 9 debaters and 2 discipline teachers.


Sunday, July 05, 2009


I don't really know if you'll ever read this.

It's just that I've noticed that the more I try to be there for you, the more you take me for granted.
I don't want to be just the guy you talk to when no one else replies your messages, or the guy you only notice when everyone else dumps you.

I already know that you not being able to go out and that your phone is only for 'emergencies' is a lie.
I've always known it.
And I don't want to be lied to anymore.
More importantly, I don't want you to feel that you have to lie to me.

So, I've decided to distance myself from you for a while.
I know I've tried doing this before, but I'll try much harder this time.

And we'll see whether or not he can fulfil your needs and wants.
Cause I'm not doing it anymore.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Flesh Wound

Even at my busiest, I always make time for you.
But you never seem to return the favour.

I think I understand now

Friday, July 03, 2009

Trial by Fire

My team lost the second round in the Sallehuddin Championship (debate).
Looks like we have to improve alot more to stand a chance in the Nationals.

To be fair to myself and my team, we fought the team that won 1st place in the HELP College Debate this year.
And we only had 2 days to prepare...cause our teacher 'forgot' to tell us about it until Monday (the competition was on Wednesday of the same week)

Anyway, in my opinion, we didn't lose that badly.
We actually stood a fighting chance.

Also, just went for an interview to elect the new EXCO for the Michaelian Chess Club.
I'm aiming for the Presidency, since the rule that only Six Formers could hold that particular post in no longer in effect. exam results were terrible.
And Report Card Day is on Thursday.
And I haven't finished my homework since...January

Die laa...
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