Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's 1:12 in the morning...

Went for a barbecue last night at church.
As usual, I slept through the entire afternoon and woke up late.
Then stumbled into church and didn't really wake up till the food was ready.

Had marshmallows with honey and butter...and 2 chicken wings which was probably undercooked. Lots of sausages and a lone potato

The days go by so fast now...

Just got my PMR results - 5 A's 2 B's (for BM and Geography)

Which is quite satisfactory since I only studied for about a week+ and played chess most of the time (I even went to a tournament the day before PMR)

Still, hoping to get into the Science stream. Maybe I'll take IT or Accounting.

My future is unclear

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stand alone

Christmas day was spent alone and bored.

Last night, I went to my church for the Christmas service. It was then confirmed that after the Youth Camp(which I did not attend)...that everyone has already forgotten about me.

But who cares right?

Anyway, holidays are coming to an end. Haven't really achieved what I wanted to...but I'm not really complaining. Just sad.

Screw new year resolutions, I'm not in the mood anymore.

*Total number of presents this year = 2

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2008

Party like a Rockstar

Two nights ago, while I was still in KL, I went Waikiki Bar, which is actually owned by my uncle. So I got free drinks and food on the house. The place was really cool. I mean, there was a live band, cute girls and everything(Christmas decorations?).

Thanks to my dad and uncle, I got drunk for the very first time. I'm probably still under the influence right now...

So, anyway...
I was seated with my dad, my uncle and his wife, together with the coolest guys and the hottest girls in the club.

The live band performance was something else. The lead singer was excellent - damn good voice, high entertainment value, 7 ear rings and he has grandchildren



Anyway, anyway,
in the band, there were also 2 guitarists who were formally with the Alleycats(Malaysian rock band - way, way before my time)

I had around 4 beers. And somehow managed to keep my presence of mind.

So, halfway through, everyone started dancing(including my dad - how embarrassing). There was this super tall, super hot, Russian supermodel seating next to me. After talking with her for a while - which I would never have done if I was sober - she leaned forward and asked me: Are you drunk yet?

I was still a little shy so I told her I wasn't. And I suddenly realized that I would probably never have the chance to dance with someone like her during my teenage years again. So I pulled every ounce of Dutch courage I could, and said: Actually... Yeah, I am drunk. Do you wanna dance?

She said yes

(Note: Dutch courage means false bravery instilled by alcohol)

I have never danced before. So I probably didn't manage to impress her too much in that department. She, on the other hand, was a natural dancer(trained or untrained...I'm not sure)

I should also mention that she has a boyfriend already, who is totally cool and didn't mind me hitting on her.

Her name was Anna

Also, made another friend. She wouldn't tell me her real name, cause all her friends call her 'Ika'. I hear she was voted one of the Top 20 most glamorous women in Malaysia by GLAM magazine.

I should go out more often

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Return

Hey all, I've just finished playing my last chess competition for the year 2008. Still in KL now. May blog about what I've been doing this past month if I feel up to it.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cultural revolution

From my personal(and rather limited) point of view...Friendster is dying a slow, agonizing death. Too many problems with the system, too little stuff to do...

I made a FACEBOOK account, which is like, so much more 'happening'

*Happening - a good descriptive word I picked up at Youth Camp many years ago. Refers to a person, place or event that is considered popular by teenagers(No one cares what old people think)

Also see:

*Punked - another word I learned at Youth Camp to describe a situation in which you were totally fooled, cheated, played out, taken in, conned or suckered by a more intelligent person than yourself

"You got PUNKED!!!"

I probably most of that stuff up...I'm bored. So sue me.

Speaking of Youth Camp, I am guaranteed NOT going this December
(Woe is me)
Hope they have a splendid time...saw the promo video, looks awesome


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hito Tsuki Mushi

*Human punches insect

I just passed my aikido grading, promoting me to 5th Kyu
(On my way to ninja mastery)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return to the kingdom

Hello blog...long time no see.
Sorry I haven't been able to post on you for quite some time, cause I've been away in KL

Miss me?

*First sign of madness - talking to your blog*

Anyway, I went down for 2 chess tournaments(UIA and UITM), in which I only got an average score...and nearly lost my handphone in the process

-ate sushi and pizza for the first time in months

I would not be able to survive a single day as a vegetarian...thought you people might want to know

ANYWAY, I'll be going to KL again next month for the National Juniors and KL open

*boredom kills*

ALSO, got a 'date' this Thursday...maybe my life isn't a total waste after all.

Apart from that, my social life is still as dull as the Wall Street Journal(which is, contrary to popular belief...not that boring)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A shadow on glass

When does the school term end anyway?
I would at least like to know when my holidays officially begin

But that doesn't matter, cause I don't go to school anymore
I'm staying right here at home, playing chess, writing piano songs and messing around with my webcam(lol)

Been having weird dreams lately, which I do not care on elaborating on...

Anyhow, still haven't been to MYF in a long, long time...
I wonder how they're doing without me

Haven't been in the mood for SMSing either...maybe I'm clinically depressed
I should go out more often

Are you still there?
Wow! you must be really bored if you're still reading this

Your torment ends here

Friday, November 07, 2008

Daemon King

Just won the Michaelian Close chess tournament. Got 5/5 points

Apart from that, today was kinda boring(as usual)
It seems I've been banned from playing the school piano for some reason known only to God and MISS Corrine Mah

Spent the whole day talking. And talking. And talking.
My brain cells have been reduced by 20% since PMR(which is not a bad thing...since I hardly use them)

Also, looks like I won't be going for Youth until sometime next year(...)
Youth camp doesn't look like a possibilty for me either

I hate my life...long live me


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dream of red Emeralds

NEW FAVOURITE SONG: I kissed(a girl)by Katy Pery

which is strange, cause I usually dislike songs of this genre. Anyhow, she managed to look incredibly sexy in her video...even though I don't think she's particularly pretty

Does that make me shallow?



Besides that, I'll be going to Chess tournaments this whole month AND next month...which means NO Youth Fellowship, NO Youth Camp and NO going out for a movie with my favourite girl(you know who you are...lawl)


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Carnivale du Freake

Went to the Main Convent carnival today. It turned out to be some kind of a pesta pelancongan thingy which was kinda lame. Anyway, I arrived at midday and stayed on for the next 5 hours so I could see a friend's performance playing for SMC's TradiMode

Having said that, I must admit that it was kinda fun. I met alot of friends that I haven't seen in a while like Vilaiwan, Peiqi, Sue Jean, Paveena and Yen Fong. Most of my time there was spent with either Yen Fong or Jane and the Form 4 group. I even managed to get a free meal from the SMC Rangers(you girls rock)

Apart from that:

-Vilaiwan dared me to try the flying fox...in the end I didn't do it, because I found that being tied up and thrown out a window was disgraceful...NOT because I have a fear of heights

-I held a handful of worms for 10 seconds and got 3 sweets. Also, I adopted one of the worms(true story) but didn't manage to name it cause Yen Fong hates worms and Paveena was hungry(she had already eaten a worm before I got there)...so I disowned the worm and returned it to the stall

-I found out that Peiqi is actually really shy in real life...

-All my guy friends either went home or to Parade, leaving me alone with the girls, which could have been a good thing

-Thomas Liew can't beat me in arm wrestling(HAHAHA)...but I can't win either

-TradiMode seriously rocks! Loving their music. My friend did really well, even though she told me she was kinda(very?)nervous. Didn't get to talk to her very much though...

-New friends made: Eva, Tracy, Stephanie Wang, Vivian Cheah and a few others whose names I never got

-Finally, I got thrown out by the security guard cause I was sitting in her chair with my legs crossed(another true story). To avoid confrontation, I left and waited for my dad under the hot sun(I have a slight tan...bye bye emo vampire look)

It could have been worse

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life of the Tin man

(looking for missing heart)

I'm bored...did I really need to post about THAT?!

Anyway, my favourite girl is going off on some school field trip, leaving me by my lonesome

Is there really anything else to say?


Screaming bloody murder

*Currently suffering from severe post-PMR syndrome*

Everything looks boring nowadays

*poke poke*

-Me and my friends made all these plans for after PMR, but now we're all too lazy to do any of it

-Went to a semi-National tournament. Played in the open category - got 4 1/2 points over 7

-Played DotA properly at a Cyber cafe for the first time(usually I get slaughtered). Even got to pwn Nagenderan a few times with bloody Goblin Techies(what an idiot)

Anyway, there's some carnival at Main Convent, a chance for me to revive my social life. Like they say...never miss an opportunity


Friday, October 17, 2008

Occupation and Release

OK, I just made it through my PMR alive...after 3 years of worrying about it
But I don't think I got 7 A's

Not many social plans for the holidays, may be going to KL for some competitions(chess) and that's about it.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

That sinking feeling

is what you get when you know you're not ready for your exams
Say your prayers...PMR is coming soon

I wanna wish all my Form 3 friends the best of luck(either in answering the questions or not getting caught cheating)

Peace to you

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Deus ex Machina

Deus ex Machina which means 'God in a Machine'

Anyway, forget that...
Today is a Sunday, so that means I'll be going to Youth, which is (since PMR trials)the only social activity I engage in for the whole bloody week

Speaking of 'Youth'

On Friday, I found out that I couldn't play in Theophiloas' Band for SMI's 6th Form night cause I was too young. I despise being discriminated for my age. You think I can help it if I'm younger??

So it looks like I'll be spending my holidays studying and alone(sad)

Death and Rebirth

School holidays is finally here...
Been studying like crazy for PMR

Anyway, just started my latest project, which is: Writing a novel
But due to the pressures of a certain government exam, that dream may have to be put on hold


-Watch Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion
-Get a PSP
-Fix my PS2
-Play DotA and CS for hours and hours
-Finish my novel

Oh yeah, just found out that the girl I like has a boyfriend...not too sure when THAT happened

Better find some creative ways to promote my blog

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fade to Black

Something's wrong with me today...

It's just that feeling you get when nothing interests you anymore, when everybody seems distant. It feels like drowning, the food is tasteless and all colours fade to black

I miss her a lot more than I would care to admit.
Hopefully with enough time, I'll be able to move on with my life

Been writing alot of 'emo' stuff recently
(Probably driving away all the readers)


Monday, September 15, 2008

When it rains...

I can't believe how much this month sucks

-Anyway, for those of you who don't already know - My PMR trial exam results totally went down every drain, sink and toilet bowl in history.
(By the way...that's a bad thing)

-One of my best friends has been suspended from school for the past 2 weeks...so school is like, bloody boring

-But worse of all, my girlfriend broke up with me last Thursday. I'm still hurting, and said some really unimaginably stupid things so she's not talking to me anymore


*Author not available for comment*

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Living on Ground Zero

Allow me a brief moment in time to process the month's events


Anyway, just finished my PMR trials. I think I did ok, but I won't worry about that until I get the results back

(Changes the subject)

Ah yes...SMI DRAMA NIGHT!!!!
Which brought the meaning of the word 'boredom' to an entirely different level. We Michaelians should be proud.
Anyway, the acting was below expectation, the lead actress was misunderstood most of the time, the music sounded more or less the same, the storyline was poorly conceived and the ending was anti-climatic. Did I miss anything out?
(I should be a food critic...)

She's coming back on the 25th, can't wait to see her.
I wanna watch Wall.E (looks cute)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

A day in the Life

Went to MYF today...
Everyone was kinda depressed over the death of Korean student Kwok Min, cause he'd been to our Youth Fellowship a few times already and it came as a shock to hear about it on the news

Personally, I never really knew him...but from what I've heard, he was a good guy

Also, my girlfriend went back to Hong Kong to see her parents...so I'm all alone here, bored out of my mind

Bad day

Friday, July 04, 2008

For your Information

I am like THIS close to deleting my blog...again.
Sorry everybody, but I'm just too lazy to continue writing about my MSSM experience
If you really need to know, add me on Friendster or MSN Messenger

Emotional Problems

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Battle for the De La Salle

The De La Salle chess tournament, where an epic battle had taken place for the Champions Trophy which has stood proudly in St. Michael's Institution for the past 2 years.

My team was named SMI A, and was hand-picked from the very best St. Michael's had to offer. The team was:

Board 1: Mark Siew
Board 2: Lau Tuck Khein
Board 3: James w. Foong
Board 4: Tan Kian

Our 1st round was against our long standing rivals, ACS(Anglo-Chinese School). I drew against Lawrence Teoh(from a winning position dammit) whereas my other team mates got a win, a loss and another draw. So the final score was 2-2 which meant that the championship would be decided by the next 4 rounds.

We had the advantage, because even though ACS had Lawrence Teoh, Yew Keng Heng and Issac Teoh...their 2nd Board player was an unknown from MY school, who lost too many of his games (this was a game-point tournament)

Needless to say, both teams wiped out all other opposition. After our first round, we won EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR GAMES. I was so freakin happy.

In the end, I had to playoff with Lawrence for the Best Board trophy and James had to fight Issac. The time control was 5 minutes. Lawrence was seriously winning but lost on time control (I couldn't believe it). James lost to Issac.

So, SMI A took the Champions Trophy with the Best 1st Board and Best 2nd Board titles. ACS took 2nd place with Best 3rd Board and Best 4th Board

Apart from Lawrence, it was a relatively simple tournament for me

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MSSM 2008 - Season Finale (Part 2)

Where was I?
Oh yeah...

Day 2 -
I did not sleep well the previous night. One of the teachers kept us awake by telling ghost stories (that's called sabotage!)

Anyway, the tournament hasn't even started yet so we went to check out some of the Museums. But first, we went shopping for souvenirs and stuff. Then we visited all of those places you usually only see in your sejarah textbooks. So it was kinda cool seeing all that history. Anyway, we came, we saw, we made a hell of a lot of noise and we took lots of pictures...which I have not recieved yet.
Oh yeah, we (which includes Myself, Yit San, Yit Ho, Mi Yen, Lawrence, Siew Ting, Kay Lynn and Kong Liang) took a photo with Chef Wan!...which I have not recieved either.

I can't remember what I ate...but I remember eating alot. I was so seriously sick by the time I got back on the bus.

To be continued again - under time pressure right now


Hey, guess what?


Anyway, time to calm down
Next grading is on the 28th of June

I rock

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MSSM 2008 - Season Finale (Part 1)

I suppose the last post about my MSSM was both too short and too boring.
This is a more detailed account of what happened

Day 1 -
I arrived at PPD (Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah) early in the morning, only half-awake and looking forward to sleeping on the bus. I honestly can't remember what happened during the bus ride, as the dramatic events that followed seemed to have wiped out most of my memory. Anyway, we arrived at Melaka around 6 hours later. We stayed and slept at SMK Teluk Mas when we weren't at the Tournament Hall or going on outings. Our teachers were great, making sure we had plenty of rest and relaxation before the fight (we arrived 2 days before the tournament actually started)

I was feeling pretty good, as our Under-15 team has never been stronger. We had Fong Yit San, Fong Yit Ho, Helmi Zakaria and of course, myself. We were labeled the 'Dream Team' by our teachers, an illusion which would soon be shattered...

Anyway, I went sight-seeing with the rest of the team. On the first night we went on a ride on the 'Eye of Melaka' It gave us an amazing view of downtown Melaka, which is even more spectacular at night. Dinner was McDonalds

I tried my best to enjoy myself, as the days ahead would definitely not be so kind...

-to be continued-

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I came, I saw...

Last night was my Aikido grading exam.
I was taking 6th Kyu, skipping the 8th and 7th Kyu tests. My partner was Michelle, who was also taking 6th Kyu.

The techniques (Waza)we had to do were:
-Shomen Uchi Daiikyo
-Katatedori Shihonage
-and Suwariwaza Kyoku-Ho

Anyway, I didn't do as well as I hoped (I was so blur)but I think we still passed the test. Our examiner was Nakamoto-sensei, who watched sternly as we executed our moves.

This was my very first grading exam, I seriously hope I passed

Blood, Sweat & Tears

After all the excitement that followed after MSSM, I almost forgot to write about the Water Games that took place in my church (CGMC) last week.

Anyway, I was put in Group 9 with old-timers Christopher, Carl Cheong and Jenny Cheng. There were also these 2 girls whom I've never seen before. So overall, we were a solid team with a good mix of experience and new blood.

Our first game was called H.U.G.O (How You Go On?), where we had to throw and catch water balloons using a cloth over a volleyball net against the opposing team (under Jane Lam). I honestly can't comprehend the name of this game.

The second game was Capture the Flag. The objective was simple: Run to the other side of the field, capture your enemy's flag and make it back alive...
We fought against Kerry's team. Kerry is a good strategist, and he organized an entire group of freshies effectively while he guarded his flag with water balloons. Our team had fast runners like myself and Carl, but we were all over the place. Amidst all the confusion, we were defeated by Kerry and his team.

The 3rd game was BUTT. I feel slightly uncomfortable describing the details of this particular game. But our team won (I think...)

After this, Water Games was interupted by heavy rain. So, rather than let all the water balloons go to waste...we assaulted one another in a free-for-all battle with no rules and no regrets!

In the end, the heavy rain turned into a violent storm. Water Games was cancelled due to the fact that one of the tents had collapsed. Hot milo was provided by the church.

I had a good time

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

MSSM 08 - Love & Chess

It seems that everything I update this bloody thing, I start off with apologizing because the last post was done many, many months ago.

Anyway, plenty has happened since last year...some good, some bad. But thankfully, my brain only seems to remember the good stuff.

So the current major event of my life is the MSSM, which ended last week.

-It started with me representing my school (St. Michael's Institution) to the MSSD, where I got Champion ahead of such tough competitors such as James William Foong and Mohd. Azam, so needless to say...I was kinda proud of myself.

-Then there was MSSD selection, something which has never happened before. Azam was not able to come, and I defeated James to earn my status as the Under-15 Champion of Kinta Utara.

-MSSPK, which almost killed me, especially after 2 brothers (insanely strong, diehard chess players) from Selangor migrated to Perak and played in my category. I lost to the younger one (Fong Yit San), and drew with the older brother (Fong Yit Ho), securing my place as number 3. Abdul Rahman, who got 3rd place in the Nationals last year (2007) was unfortunately knocked out of the top 8.

-MSSPK Selection, which was slightly easier...since there were 2 players who weren't as strong as the rest of us. The top 6 would represent Perak to the MSSM. I drew with both brothers, which put me in 3rd place...again.

-Centralized Training, where we trained for the final battle at MSSM Melaka. We had group bonding activities, which was kinda fun. I was put in the Team Category alongside the two brothers. We were allies at last!

-MSSM, where I experieced heartbreak too severe to describe. Anyway, our team did alright, 4th place ahead of Kuala Lumpur. I only got 3 points over 7, having drew 4 games! (which is a record for me). I wish we had done better...we were aiming for the Gold medal this year.

-So having failed in Love and Chess...I began the long journey back to Ipoh. I slept most of the way.

Pictures are on their way...my friends haven't sent them to me yet

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