Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Parties, Farewells & Christmas

Only a few days after Youth Camp, our church had an early Christmas party organized by some Form 3 students. It was kinda fun, with food, games, drama and a gift exchange session.

For some strange reason, on that night I noticed that I have an unusual abililty to get high by drinking the contents of a chilled soft drink on a cold night.

Not too long after that, there was another party. This time it was to celebrate two birthdays and a farewell for someone who was going...somewhere far. I ended up attempting to set up a barbeque for the first time, got wet and had an older girl pour honey down my throat.

Oh yeah...
It's Christmas day today...so wishing everyone who is reading this a warm and fuzzy Christmas, with presents under the tree and all that happy stuff


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Youth Camp 007

I suppose it's about time I wrote a little something about my Youth Camp. I know I'm neglecting my blog again...my bad

As with every adventure, camp began with the journey of a thousand miles (which in this case came in the form of a bus ride to Stella Maris, Penang)

First day of camp started with us checking into our rooms followed by a concert. Dinner was nice (as with all Youth Camps) and the evening was spent gazing into the sea or hanging out with friends(new and old).

Second day started with breakfast and the first Session by Pastor Lindy Ong. After that we played water games which I got my one of my legs tied together with a kinda cute girl for one of the challenges which involved getting a balloon from one place to another (sounds easy right...? It wasn't)
Later during the night was another game (I got my hand tied together with the same cute girl...and there was a semi-romantic moment...I think)

Third day began with Morning devotion in which our group shared gossip-worthy secrets with one another. There was another Session with Pastor Lindy which included games that left many of us feeling a little foolish...

Afternoon had more games by the beach where both my legs were tied together(I was alone this time) where we played Station games. I never realized how difficult is was to walk (more like hop) around the beach with two of your legs tied together.

In one of the games our group all had to squeeze together to fit onto a mat laid on the sand with all our legs off the ground (please remember that my legs are tied together to appreaciate the next sentence). Unfortunately...someone lost their hold on me and I fell, rolling down the sand all the way to the sea.

We also created a group cheer which we performed(unsuccessfully)

During the night we played a game where we had to solve a mystery involving the mysterious kidnaping of a guy called 'fish'

We tried our best to stay awake all night...I didn't make it, and fell asleap at 4:30 a.m

Fourth day we had a final session and pilled onto the bus heading back to CGMC, Ipoh. Which reminds me, one of the girls there borrowed one of my black shirts to wear during the games...I have never seen it since.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Last

Day before yesterday was the last week of MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) for the year 2007 (Youth Camp not included). So naturally, we played games the whole time there. We were split into 5 groups(randomly selected) and had lots of fun playing assorted indoor games.

-In the first game, we had to find books of the bible from a long almost meaningless passage. We didn't do too well there
-We dressed a selected model up in newspaper (a classic)
-Played Charades, in which our group had to act out Moses crossing the Red Sea. I played the evil Pharaoh who unfortunately got killed.
-Also played a game where we had to act out a specific word individually. My team sent me for the 'Evil Laugh' category. I rolled up my eyeballs and shrieked in a way that would probably qualify me for the 'Highly Insane Laugh' category too.

Nice day

Anime Withdrawals

(About time I updated again)

Anyway, last week I finished watching the final episode of Blood+ (which is an anime in case you didn't know - I highly recommend it) and the ending almost had me in tears.

The protagonist went in a sorta coma for the next few decades, her evil twin sister died, her chevalier Haji(a bishonen who plays the celo) died, the Schiff(half vampires, half human) all died except for one, lots of people who's names were never released died, and the protagonist's younger brother didn't come back to life as I had hoped.

Besides that, I have recieved criticism about only watching animes after their popularity date(if one ever existed) expires...

Such animes include
-Samurai X (Rouruni Kenshin)
-Shakugan no Shana
-and several others that you probably wouldn't know

Apart from that, I had a very successful Perak Close(chess tournament) and I am currently ranked 7th(including adults) in the state of Perak

Long Live Me
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