Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just came back from church.
Haven't been going for almost two months
Alot has changed.

My Youth Fellowship is kinda going into decline.

The musicians are still inexperienced, which is's just that they don't seem that passionate about their music compared to their previous counterparts (No offence)

And most of the older members are all leaving. For studies or work

One after the other.
2 more are leaving today.
Many more are following.

Which is depressing...

Also, there are two of my friends there whose mothers are suffering from cancer.
So the atmosphere there has darkened somewhat.

On a more positive note:
My group CY5 has a new leader, Xian Chang to replace our last one (Fish) who left last week
And my cell group members all still kinda close, even after almost 4 years

Hope things get better for everyone

Monday, June 22, 2009

Clearwater Sanctuary 2009

Just played the Clearwater Sanctuary tournament last Sunday. Got 3rd place and RM100

Sleeping Beauty

From my Schoolmates to my Church friends to my Chess buddies.
My old love interests were also there *ahem*

Met some old friends that I haven't seen for a year(s)
Ainaa Shafinaz, Gary Tan and Chan Wei Shin were among them

Kirsten from my Youth picked me up, along with Debbie, Kai Bing and Rachel.

I actually hoped to walk into the hall with them.
You guy and four girls.
The whole thorn among the roses kinda thing.
(which would have been cool...)

Didn't happen.
I looked down at my shoes for three seconds...and they were already halfway across the parking lot (maybe they were on to me?)

I was also seriously overdressed.
I actually wore the shirt I intended for the Prom, which I heard kinda sucked. Lucky me

To be honest, I only really enjoyed the earlier parts of the ballet, namely the Malay/Ballet fusion thingy, which was pretty imaginative...reminds me of SMC's TradiMode


Ooh ee ooh ah ah
(Witch Doctor...XD)

Anyway, the dancing for Sleeping Beauty was just okay...
The segments were too long, so I kinda lost concentration halfway
The girls were hot. The dresses were colourful. And the wicked fairy was A GUY!
(Charles Pooley, who's a director at Hairforce Saloon and Academy. He did my hair once)

Oh yeah
Something else happened that night...which is kinda personal for me and the person/people involved.

The night ended after supper with Kirsten and the girls at the Stadium foodcourt. Others from the ballet were also there

No photos this time

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Run Faster

Just made some calls...there's no place left for reservations at the prom.
Should have booked earlier. But I didn't think I would be going until a couple of days ago

How sad. Maybe I'll go for the ballet instead


Looks like I'm going to the prom tomorrow night.
Can't find a date, so I'm going solo...
and hopefully I won't end up spending the night alone

Can't seem to find anything half decent to wear either.
What the heck do they mean by formal attire?

Trying to get over her

Monday, June 15, 2009

Power Overwhelming

I'm participating in the HELP University College Law Olympiad.
To be honest, I never even heard of it until today

Anyone else joining?

Stolen Hearts

Penang is a really beautiful place to be.
The architecture is amazing, the food is amazing, the ocean is amazing AND THE WOMEN!!!


are also amazing

Anyway, as usual...I lost weight.
3 days of Penang cuisine, SUSHI, Spaghetti at Secret Recipe, seafood and enough junk food to satisfy your average American


and I lost more weight. Not much, just a couple of pounds or so
(must be the stress)

Speaking of which, I also played a chess tournament while I was there.

-Penang Open-

Stayed at Marcus Yeoh's house.
He's an official FIDE Instructor, which is kinda cool...cause we don't have alot of them here in Malaysia.

He also acted as our tour guide. Took us shopping, to popular tourist sites and famous food stalls

Anyway, the tournament was more or less a success for me. I won't bore you with the details here. Pictures on my Facebook (spam my Cbox if you want the link)


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Penang Open 2009

Spent the whole holiday playing chess (as usual)
Just came back from the Penang Open

Did quite well. Came in 13th placing
I even got featured on Gilachess

Check out this link:

Very tired right now. I'll fill in the details later
School starts tomorrow. Damn

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bercham Open 09

Just played in the Bercham Open yesterday.
Got 3rd place which earned me a trophy and RM100

Saturday, June 06, 2009


OMFG. I spent the whole of last week in KL eating KFC, chicken chops, sushi and Burger King
(not to mention the amount of alcohol consumed)



Going for a tournament this Sunday (Bercham Open)
and another one next Tuesday (Penang Open)

Means I'll be skipping Youth again.
Haven't seen my friends at church for almost a month

Keeping busy this holiday

Friday, June 05, 2009

Tag Cloud!

If you notice on your right,
there is now this cool new Widget that I just added.

But since my blog was getting a bit messy, I decided to remove my music playlist in favour of the Tag Cloud.

Let me know what you think. Spam my cBox

(Also notice the creepy picture for my blog title)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More photos

Photos from National Close

Still damn tired from National Close
So here are the (my) photos first

All photos here are courtesy of Andrew Ooi, owner of
(he gave me 1000 photos from the tournament)

"Thank you Andrew"
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